About Me

Hey there! I’m Flávio Dias, a web developer and design enthusiast from The Federal District, Brazil. I really enjoy what I do!

I’ve been working with programming and design for about 12 years. I started working as a graphic designer for about 3 years when I decided to do some coding. I have been developing web applications with popular technologies and frameworks such as PHP, CSS3, Javascript, Less etc. Nowadays, I love working with interface design and user experience, making use of well-known frameworks such as JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and Joomla. I’ve been working as a Lead Web Developer for Indra, a multinational company with about 40k employees, at the Ministry of Education.

As a lead of a multi-skilled team, I’m able to work on both areas programming and design. I’m aways concerned about the quality of the tasks and their dead-lines. Not less often, I act as a mentor to team members to new technical difficulties that may emerge.